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Causes and solutions for deviation during operation of conveyor belt

Jul 16, 2018

The reasons for the deviation of the conveyor belt are:

The quality of the conveyor belt is not good, the two sides are not parallel (and asymmetrical with the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor belt) to form a periodic wave shape, which causes the conveyor belt to periodically deviate;

The conveyor belt joint is not good, the cutting edge of the conveyor belt joint, that is, the joint surface is not perpendicular to the longitudinal center line of the conveyor belt, causing the two conveyor belts to form a certain angle between the joints, which should be a straight line, thus causing the conveyor belt to Deviated.


In the first case, the conveyor belt is generally of poor quality or the belt is refurbished. If the user thinks it can be used, adjust the joints and rollers, rollers, minimize the amount of deviation, increase the centering roller and prevent the deviation. Roller.

In the second case, the belt joint is re-made; the deviation of the conveyor belt is not only the above two cases, but the cause of the deviation is very complicated. The specific analysis should be specifically treated. In general, the deviation should be distinguished from the head, tail and middle. The fuselage or the bearing surface conveyor belt and the return conveyor belt are deviated, and the purpose is to adjust the adjustment direction of the roller and the roller to reduce or eliminate the deviation.