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Bucket conveyor

Aug 06, 2018

Bucket conveyor. Conveyor belt for transporting bulk cargo (such as coal), the conveyor belt continuously delivers the cargo bucket to a point above the open hatch, and then empty the bucket to the cargo tank, suitable for metallurgy, The transportation of certain granularity and blockiness of materials and powders in mining, construction, chemical, food, food and other industries. The utility model comprises a driving device (including a backstop device), a casing (including a horizontal section, a reversing section and a vertical section), and a traction chain, a hopper, a head wheel and a tail wheel located in the casing, and are arranged at two ends of the casing. There are a feeding section and a discharging section, and the two sides of the hopper are respectively coupled with two parallel traction chains through the coupling ring. The head wheel is provided with teeth that match the traction chain. The conveying form is three-fold, one-shaped, three-shaped and three-shaped. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, low power consumption, flexible conveying form, sealed conveying and the like.