XH Flex PU Timing/Driving Belt For Trasimission Machines

XH Flex PU Timing/Driving Belt For Trasimission Machines
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XH flex PU Timing/Drving Belt for Trasimission Machines

Moulded from high-heat thermoset polyurethane, the belt owns superior wear and abrasion resistance.


Mixed combination of diversified cords,  which are helicoidally rolled up inside the belts, the belt is of excellent dimensional stability and of high performances in terms of flexibility and traction resistance


PU timing belts are particularly suitable for power transmission applications.

Detailed specifications:

Color: blue,green,yellow trnaspotarent and so on

Cords: Stainless steel, Kevlar, Nylon

Coating: PU timing belts can be manufactured with special coatings, in order to fit many applications with different requirements, such as red rubber, Linatex, APL, PU .etc


Widely used for almost any industrial synchronous transmission purpose.

Main Characters:

High abrasion resistant,

high efficiency,

high precision transmission

high strength steel cord or other cords, high quality polyurethane components.

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