PVC Industrial Black Conveyor Belt

PVC Industrial Black Conveyor Belt
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PVC Industrial Black Conveyor Belt

PVC industrial conveyor belt  's details:

thickness :2.0mm

 1% exetnsion stress:8N/mm

Minimum roller diameter:40mm

The biggest production with:3000mm



 PVC industrial conveyor belt has a lot of advantage of Good stability,Impact resistance,Good performance,Long service life.

Application of Polyester industrial Conveyor Belt :Ceramics chamfering,Glass double side chamfering machine,High duty machine,ect.

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 PVC conveyer belt’s rubber surface is made of polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinylchloride, PVC), its form for polyester fiber cloth and PVC plastic forming. Its working temperature is commonly - 10 ° to + 80 °, the joint methods of general tooth shape for international joint, transmission in good lateral stability is suitable for all kinds of complicated environment.


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